Search with a list

Check for each entry if there are search results

Fuzzy search

Each list entry / line will be searched with following search strategies:

Searching with fuzzy search will take more time, but will find similar results, too - which often are exactly what you search for but it can not be found by exact matching i.e. because of typos or if a part of a company name like the suffix Ltd. is missing in some documents but is part of your search query. Or you want to find documents even if some chars were recognized wrong while automatic textrecognition (OCR) of scans.

There will be a result list for each type of the activated searches

Each additional search type will exclude all results from (better matching but not finding all) activated types/queries before.

Mouse over to see the used search operators for the list entry example open source.

Filter query

Results have to match this additional query part, too. So its not enough to match only the search entry of the list.

I.e. for filtering with additional criterias like a path, person or project name. Or to search only in some documents or data.

Ignore words

I.e. name parts like "Ltd." because not so important for matching but not contained in every searched document, which in this case would not match.